dublin 0.4 - python sequencer framework for pure-data

This project has moved

Dublin has moved to http://www.le-son666.com/software/mxdublin The new version now runs on PD and Max via the Java plugin facilities.

introduction to dublin sequencer

Dublin is an object oriented framework to generate events in pd. Every objects is defined in python and then it interacts with other objects in pure-data. The goal is not only the provide an external python facility to pd but also to give the functionality of a sequencer. As for the user interface, it uses Idle, the Python IDE to edit and run event scripts.

This is a experimentation. I want this project to see how we can shape a flexible language to define events and built a framework on it. The main goal is to have a good object oriented design so very little need to be done on the user side.

If you are looking for a real external interface for python, you are better with py from Thomas Grill. Your python script will be a real external and it will have the same facility as flext layer and the ability to run also on Max/MSP.

wtf is dublin ???

Concretely, dublin is a pd clock that calls a python callback; this type of object in python is called a trail. Unlike [delay] that works with milliseconds, trails works with a time signature to be able to sync with eachother. Idle is integrated into pd so you can debug your logic.

getting and building dublin

You will need Python 2.2 with Idle (if Idle is there, than Tcl/Tk will be there too). Off course, you'll also need pd... it should compile with 0.36. Get dublin from CVS. Then verify paths defined in the Makefile and voila. Right now, Linux and Windows are supported, but pd and Idle doesn't seem to like each other on Windows; handle with care.

to get it :
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/seqdublin login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/seqdublin co dublin-0.4

knowns bugs

The sequencer trails is in the same thread as pd. If your logic takes to much time, there will be ticks. There should be a warning if your trail takes more than 1 ms. In the future version of dublin, a thread will be created to handle the sequencing. The only drawback is that pd will need to be patch so message from different thread can be called.

contact : asb2m10@users.sourceforge.net

... this site has been largly inspired with pure-data.sourceforge.net :) ...

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